We provide you with high quality hardware and high-tech systems for flexible energy and data transfer:

Conductor Lines and Slip Ring Assembly Systems as well as Cable Reels and Cable Festooned Systems for the industry; Roof-Mounted Pantographs and 3rd Rail Current Collector as well as Ground Contacts and Stinger Systems for railways. A further field of application are Charging Systems for e. g. "e-busses" or "e-ferries".

Rotating and/or linear mobile equipment such as harbour cranes, wind turbines, industrial robots, construction machines, high speed trains and many more are supplied with energy and control parameters, hydraulic oil and coolants, etc. by means of our technology.

High-tech und know-how from Germany STEMMANN-TECHNIK is a certified partner of various market leaders in industrial engineering and railway technology. At our agencies in Germany, we manufacture quality on demand products worldwide and devise innovative customised specific solutions. With 100 years of expertise in engineering and practice-oriented research.


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Mr. Simon-Hendrik Evenblij
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